We offer the following products and treatments:

Fillers & Injectables

Juvederm Voluma instantly adds volume lost to aging in the cheek area and creates contour and a subtle lift.
Juvederm targets lines along the sides of the nose and mouth.
Botox targets frown lines between the eyebrows and around the side of the eyes.

Lasers and Devices

Fraxel Dual Laser
Fraxel is the original fractional laser treatment that works below the skin’s surface from the top down, addressing imperfections like fine lines, visible photo aging, wrinkles, scarring and age spots. Fraxel light energy stimulates your skin’s natural collagen, rejuvenating skin cells below the surface to help smooth the creases and pockets that cause wrinkles and scars.
This hand piece effectively targets sun spots, age spots and tone and texture, which are more superficial signs of aging.
Clear + Brilliant
Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out. The laser energy creates million of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue.
Clear + Brilliant Permea
The Clear + Brilliant Permea Hand Piece is optimized for preventing and addressing early signs of aging including skin texture, firmness, elasticity and pore-size appearance. Permea is optimized for brighter more even skin tone and enhanced skin permeability with minimal if any downtime.
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The Laser Genesis procedure utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, naturally and effectively treat fine line wrinkles, diffuse redness and scars. You can expect to see consistent results after each treatment. Treatments can be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anesthetics or gel.
Laser procedure involving passing the laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin indicated for increase of clear nails in patients with onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungus.
The Cutera CoolGlide combines the ideal laser wavelength with the most flexible parameters to deliver a superior vascular laser system. It treats a broad range of vessels from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins quickly, safely and effectively. The Cutera CoolGlide can remove unsightly veins from all parts of the body. Small, facial veins (or “telangiectasia”) can be treated quickly without bruising or complication.
The Cutera LimeLight delivers a non-invasive light treatment that can be customized for different skin tones and aging skin conditions. LimeLight is used to improve appearance of sun damage, brown spots, and skin redness. The result is an exceptionally effective skin revitalization treatment with minimal discomfort.
The ProWave 770’s unique design emits infrared light that has been proven to be safe and effective for hair removal. This hand piece is able to treat large area such as women’s legs and men’s backs – quickly and safely.
The Cuteral CoolGlide is a laser hair removal system for all skin types and tones, from light to dark, including tanned patients. Its unique design, longer wavelengths and innovative cooling design, allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results.
Varilite Laser
The VariLite dual wavelength laser allows for treatment of facial veins (“telangiectasia”) , cherry angiomas and lentigines (sun spots and age spots).
Palomar Icon
Palomar’s IPL is a nonsurgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance quickly and easily. This advanced light-based technology clears undesirable brown spots, sun damage and vessels, revealing clearer, more beautiful skin.
Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body hair with intense pulsed laser energy. This minimally invasive procedure removes hair through a series of treatments while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed.
Light Sheer Diode Laser
Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body hair with intense pulsed laser energy. This minimally invasive procedure removes hair through a series of treatments while leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed.
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Microdermabrasion evenly and safely exfoliates skin without the use of chemicals. The exfoliation process rejuvenates the skin by utilizing ultrafine crystals (or diamond tips) to remove the upper layer of the epidermis to reveal firmer, more youthful looking skin over time.
Chemical Peels
Chemical peeling a procedure that aims to accelerate skin exfoliation by the use of chemical substances resulting in renewed, healthier looking skin and more uniform complexion.

eTwo Machine
Fractional skin rejuvenation device for the treatment of sun damage, wrinkles and scars that uses a process called Sublative radiofrequency.
Non-invasive wrinkle treatment that uses combined energies to effectively stimulate collagen production and improve your overall skin quality in areas that are most telling when it comes to age, such as the eyes, brow lines, cheeks and around the neck.

The Ulthera® System is the first and only FDA-approved energy device to offer non-invasive lifting. It's used in Ultherapy®, a nonsurgical treatment that tightens skin around the eyebrows, the neck and the area below the chin, through ultrasound energy.

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