Juvéderm Voluma

Dr. Jacobs is an expert in the use of injectables. To counteract the effects of aging on the face, we offer Juvéderm Voluma XC, a gel-based volumizer that restores contour to cheeks, resulting in a natural-looking, more youthful appearance. Over time, the naturally occurring dermis of the face diminishes in thickness, causing the cheeks to lose their rounded shape, becoming flattened out and sunken. Voluma XC is different from other injectables in that it is a dermal volumizer, specifically treating sagging skin and volume loss in the cheek area. It replenishes the skin hyaluronic acid content, and restores the face to a more youthful look.

Specific treatments
Voluma XC treatments are for those who want to restore volume and shape to their face. Dr Jacobs and his staff will perform a cosmetic consult, which will help you anticipate the expected improvement from fillers and volumizers.

Treatment and Procedure
Depending on the area of the face to be treated, numbing gels are sometimes applied before injections. Dr Jacobs injects Voluma XC either with a fine needle or a plastic cannula, so the volumizer can be placed deeper in the skin, where it produces greater aesthetic benefit. The Voluma XC restores volume and lifts the upper cheeks, producing a youthful, beautiful result.

Following the treatment, patients may infrequently experience very mild tenderness, slight swelling, redness, or bruising. These effects generally fade within a few weeks. For 24 hours following a procedure, patients should avoid strenuous exercise and the gym.

Results are immediate and improve over a few weeks. Voluma XC can last from 12 months to two years. Sometimes follow-up treatments are scheduled to prolong optimal results before the volumizer diminishes.

Voluma Before and After Pictures

* Photos courtesy of Allergan. Results may vary for each patient.
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